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Philippines – El Nido

After a long and wobbly boattrip from Coron on a very small boat I arrived at El Nido. El Nido is famous for it’s emerald green waters, amazing lagoons, hundreds of small islands and hidden beaches.

It is absolutely a beautiful place but also a bit crowded, especially during high season. Boats will take you to beautiful places such as Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Matinloc Island and Helicopter Island. If you can look through the massive amount of boats and people, you can feel El Nido’s magic. I actually had a hard time coping with that and so for me El Nido had lost a little bit of it’s authenticity and peaceful vibe.

But ofcourse there is a reason why this is such a popular destination. El Nido has a lot to offer. You can see endless white beaches, crystal blue waters and stunning lagoons. There are four main tours you can book, or you can explore the surroundings yourself by a kayak if you’re into some exercise. A nice beach a few kilometers south of town is Las Cabanas. This is the perfect place to watch a sunset. You can meet a lot of people while drinking a San Miguel after you experienced the zipline adventure from the shore to a small island in front of the coast.

The town is pretty nice to stroll around. Make sure you pay a visit at the Pukka Reggae bar for a dance. Or two. They have live music every night with a pretty good cover band so you can sing your heart out on all the Bob Marley classics. For the fellow travellers heading their way to El Nido soon: there is now one ATM in town at the municipalipty office. I read a lot of stories about not getting any money in El Nido but those days are over: don’t worry about a thing and go get those pesos!

And as photo’s and videos say a lot more than words: watch the Palawan travelmovie including El Nido here.






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